Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Snowflake Challenge #3

Pimp Your Favorite Communities, Fests or Challenges!

I am not a great one for being involved in various communities recently .... but there are a few.

On D/W is [community profile] icons10in20 ... as the name suggests, 10 icns, all based on seperate prompts
[community profile] seasonal_spuffy ... assorted fandom around Spuffy ... Spike & Buffy, from the TV series
and [community profile] snowflake_challenge ... you may have heard of this one!

Over on L/J is also seasonal_spuffy, but some other icon competition sites that I take part in -
itsabattlefield ... they have "big battles" of 10 icons based on one theme, and individual battles
monthlyinspo .... another comm that has a month to make 10 icons, with a single theme
moviefilmstills .... 5 icons based on a single film theme
season20in20 .... just re-started.  A traditional 20 icons, in 20 days, with all the prompts set, and all based on your choice of TV season

And a couple of non-fandom ones

monthlydiaryday ... just write up about the 12th of the month.  Nice to see normal life around the world
photo_scavenger .... get out a camera.  A theme per week ... just post a photo under that prompt (members only)

This was originally post on Dreamwidth
Tags: fandom, rl, snowflake challenge

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