Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Snowflake Challenge #2

In your own space, talk about your fannish history

Some yeras ago I had my friend's daughter staying with me. She watched Buffy as a series, which I didn't. However that evening as she was watching it I walked into the room to offer her a coffee and was totally "grabbed" by the character on the screen. I ended up watching the whole episode, and was captured by the story so watched the next few episodes of the series.

Well, that was Spike, and episode "Lies my parents told me" from season 7. I was stunned by his acting and the story that I both picked up, and that Kayleigh filled in the back-story of.

Sadly within a couple of weeks the series (and the show finished) ... and I was shocked by the ending.

Having been told at school that I was no good at English I had always believed this. But I was still reeling with the finish of BtVS, and had found fan-fic. So I decided to have a go at how I would bring Spike & Buffy together ... and I wrote my first ever fic ... It's All A Question Of Timing

In my hunt for stories as well as discovering fan-fic, I discovered LiveJournal.

In finding LJ I needed icons.  To start with I got a couple from communities, and then just trimming a few screencaps.  As I am colourblind I had also been told at school that art wouldn't be for me.  But with an increasing friend base I found some who suggested I give it a go with a free photo editing suite.

So now I still make icons ... I can't do animated ones (I wish I could), I can't really do banners (again I wish I could), but love doing them.  Thanks LJ (& DW) for the icon competitions ... not that I am great, but I enjoy it.

I do want to get back to writing ... but some of that is lack of a regular beta ... and procratination.

But, overall my thanks will always go back to say THANK YOU JAMES ... without your portrayal of Spike I would never be tying this today This was originally post on Dreamwidth
Tags: fan fic, james, lj, snowflake challenge, spike

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