Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

January Seems To Be Progressing

.... I have slowly started to take down the decs.

I decided that as I am really struggling with the bugs it's going to be slow and steady.  When the doc told me it could be 3 weeks before I am back on my feet I thought he was winding me up!  However it's a week since I started developing these bugs, and 5 days since I saw the doc, and still feel the same despite doing nothing but sleep, well, and do a couple of short walks with Jiffy per day.  As I type this I am glad that I now have my lap-top partially working agian, as if I had to sit in my study I would not be doing that.   I do feel that a "wrung out dishmop", which was Dad's description, and certanly suits me as I sit here.  Still I was bug free over the last 2 winters, so can't complain.

Christine popped in to see me yesterday as she had come into the city for a day out and popped down to see me.  So that was lovely, and Jiffy was excited as she also brought him a bag of treats, so he decided she should visit more often.

Sadly this weekend the pastor at the Church I have been going to for the last 3 years is leaving and it will be his last Sunday.  However unless I have a miraculous step forward I won't be able to go to hear him.  When I first heard him preach he so reminded me of Dad's style of service that he really helped me with part of the healing on losing Dad, so I would have loved to have been able to say Goodbye to him in person.  The associate pastor is younger, but his sermon style is developing along the same lines.  However I shall have to wait and see what the future holds for the Chapel.  That's one thing about not being a member is I don't get a vote ... but it also means if I am not happy with who is chosen I shall look for another Church.

Oh well, even the fingers are beginning to feel tired, so will stop typing here ... before you all fall asleep, as well.

Happy January  xx
Tags: christine, christmas, church, dad, ill

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