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Wednesday - Can't Believe Another Week Has Gone.

Yes, today is our day to meet up with Ros and Cherry.  It was a lovely bright day - but quite breezy, so as I "attacked" DJ outside I apologise to anyone living in a 50 mile radius if they got hair in their face ... still saved me tidying up!

We were early so walked down to meet Ros ... and from there walked on and down to the village Church and round in a large circle.

There was a lot of traffic again - but for about 1/2 the time I made DJ walk in front of Cherry - and although we didn't know how he would cope, I think it began to give him his confidence back.  He used to be bomb-proof, until last year when he had a problem with a fast car and a nasty dog ... so I have been working on re-gaining this in him; but as I said on Monday, when you loose your confidence, gaining it is far harder.  Still it really seemed to work - he did ever so well.

When we got back Ros and Cherry came up with us as Ros needed to know where the feed bowls etc were as the 2 of us are horse-sitting for the week.  Smudge still gets a supplementary feed as his routine was abruptly changed when Secret died.

So when they had gone - I fed DJ and while he was eating I went and took some hay out to Smudge, Junior and Badger; as well as Smudges feed.

Then DJ back to his field and the headed home ... Although I did go into the village first to take some picture, so that once the film is developed I can share with you the roads that DJ calls home.

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