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Holiday - Portsmouth

Well, I did promise photos

Hard to pick just a few to describe an amazing chunk of history that I explored on my way to The Isle Of White.

I stopped for a couple of days in the city of Portsmouth as I wanted to see the HMS Victory, and also the Mary Rose ... 2 historic ships.  The other place I wanted to see was the D-Day museum (Having been to the beaches in May, I certainly wanted to see the stunning embroidery that was here.

So pleased I stopped - and here is a brief glimpse ....

THE MARY ROSE - Launched 1511, sunk 1545 (watched by Henry VIII) with most of the crew drowned, and raised in 1982 (yes, I remember watching it on the TV)
 photo DSC_0118_zpszzav5b34.jpg

 photo DSC_0110_zps2smulxqe.jpg

 photo DSC_0180_zpslfjrw7js.jpg
Some of the many artifacts
 photo DSC_0122_zpsiyjkwhp0.jpg
This dog belonged to the ship's carpenter, and the 2 bodies were found together.

HMS VICTORY - Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar October 1805 (and where he died)
 photo Where Nelson died 1_zpspkenjp8h.jpg
Marking the spot where Horatio Nelson died
 photo DSC_0042_zpsgivwo08b.jpg

 photo DSC_0037_zpszduedurn.jpg

 photo Nelsons bed 3_zpszapqkf62.jpg
Nelson's bed
 photo DSC_0961_zpsx5lsbrrh.jpg

HMS M33 - used during The Gallpioli Campaign in 1915
 photo DSC_0912_zpslu9lwyty.jpg

THE GARRISON CHURCH - bombed during WW!!
 photo Royal Garrison Church_zps9bqric1m.jpg

 photo Royal Garrison Church 15_zps65iaslav.jpg

THE CATHEDRAL (they have actually buried one of the sailors here as a memorial to the whole ship)
 photo DSC_0737_zps7uddahxp.jpg

 photo DSC_0732_zpsopk6j5sv.jpg

 photo Royal Naval Memorial Portsmouth 2_zpszmwrimdz.jpg

 photo D-Day tapestry 24_zpsldyb2tjo.jpg

 photo D-Day tapestry 19_zpsecd6emha.jpg

 photo DSC_0515_zps1wr2p3yf.jpg

THE SQUARE TOWER - This is where Henry VIII stood and watched his prise ship go down
 photo DSC_0462z_zpsy9htea2s.jpg

 photo DSC_0421_zps1djdqykn.jpg
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