Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Am Back ....

... and have been for a few days.  Sorry

Anyway, it was a super trip with loads of walking, and loads of brilliant places to visit - I will try and get a few photos up at some point.  However I am trying to be more pro-active with my crafts and finishing my holiday journals, etc, so am not on-line as much as I used to be.   And, no, I don't have a posh phone where I can keep tabs on LJ  (one of my moans about modern life, btw!)

Jiffy managed to get a severe allergy/skin infection/something while on his holiday - so he had the pleasure of a trip to the vets (which he loved, as ever, much to his dog-sitter's amusement).  He is actually not much better, 10 days on.  Today he is off to the hairdressors, and then I shall take him back to his vet on Monday.

This weekend I am yet again off to see my Aunt.  She is now in a care home on respite care, and I am doing the trip with a stay overnight to save leaving Jiffy, and also the excessive driving.

So, before I take Jiffy to Jackie for his hair-cut, I must see if I can edit and sort some of the "millions" of holiday photos.

If I have missed any vital news, please let me know.
Tags: auntie joyce, holiday 2019, jiffy, rl

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