Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Am Ahead!

17 Would you rather be Kermit or Fozzie Bear?

Seeing as I am not really a fan of frogs, then Fozzy

18 What was your most devastating unrequited crush?

Oh, I have always wanted the unattainable ... a boy at school called Mark (ironically we are now friends on FB!!), and a guy at college called Alex, are 2 that spring to mind.


And, yes, for the observant, I am a day ahead. However tomorrow I am going to drive to Colchester (in Essex) and back to visit my Aunt (dad's sister), who at the age of 92 broke her hip. She had the surgery yesterday, so need to go and see her.

At least it is motorway/dual carriageway all the way ... however as part of that is the M25 (I will say no more about that, but I can hear my English friends shuddering!!).

She is not the easist of people (never has been), so hopefully the op won't have affected hger mentally. The hospital seemed happy with her this morning when I rang. But I must wait & see.


Hope your weekend is going well xx
Tags: auntie joyce, question meme

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