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A Great Day, A Gorgeous Ride .... And A Good Boy (Of Course!!)

i was running late this morning - and when I got to Toni's it was to find her in a rush as she was going away for a few days - and the plans had been changed, so that she was leaving after our ride!

DJ ambled across the field to me - which was lovely to see that even though he was warm and relaxed he still wanted to see me (or was it the carrot in my hand)!  We wandered in together - the sun shining and the skies were blue ... a great day.

I got as covered in hair as I could before I had to tack him up and head out.  His coat is literally coming out in handfulls at present ... trouble is the weather forecast for the end of the week is not great!

Toni brought in Junior and we only planned to go round the block at a quiet pace, so that Junior wouldn't get hot - she sweats-up really easily.  What we didn't know was that round the corner from Toni's they were replacing telegraph poles!  The guys were great - and in actual fact both the horses were OK ... so we did get a lovely ride - but with the added things to look at Junior came back quite warm ... she is a Bay (dark brown) and when she is hot it looks like she is wearing long white bloomers on her back legs!!

DJ was fine, so I was able to feed him and send him back to Conrad ... Toni was going to have to pack etc and then return Junior to Badger.

But - it was just a lovely morning.

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