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Warwick Castle

Last Monday, I had the day off work and Christine and I went to Warwick Castle. We did a coach trip, as it was a long drive ... but an absolutely fascinating place, with some of the earthworks dating back to 1068, and was probably the first castle that William the Conqueror ordered built.

The rooms were set up in a few sections ... one part showing the history of "Waryck, the Kingmaker", a few rooms to do with the Black Prince, a tableaux of Henry VIII and his wives, and a huge section to do with a Royal house-party that had been held here in 1898, where the future Edward VII started an affair with the owner's wife.

Overall far too many images to try to show you (although I did take "one or two" photos!!). Outside you could climb the towers (as we did) and try your hand at archery, watch jousting ... or as we did, watch a 1/4 hour re-enactment of the Wars of the Roses ... a great day out, as the official web site tells you

 photo DSC_0326_zpsno32dr53.jpg

 photo DSC_0635_zpsgbv5sgap.jpg

 photo DSC_0553_zpsgzai068e.jpg

 photo DSC_0522_zpshgpd1bsc.jpg

 photo Royal Weekend Party 1898 17_zpsbtz9y0in.jpg

 photo Royal Weekend Party 1898 33_zpsn1rgrykw.jpg

 photo Chapel 1_zpsymh2zzzl.jpg
 photo Green Drawing Room 1_zpss0wco8dj.jpg

 photo Queen Anne Bedroom ndash Queen Anne died in this bed in Kensington Palace 3_zpsrtasjajo.jpg
One of the bedrooms, with a purchased acquisition - Queen Anne died in this bed in Kensington Palace
 photo Cedar Dining Room 1_zpslwakteln.jpg

 photo Great Hall 3_zps5bqa8nou.jpg
Great Hall
 photo DSC_0506_zpsmowvlrb8.jpg

 photo Blue Boudoir ndash Marie Antoinette Clock 1_zpsvoxgq21u.jpg
Clock, owned by Marie Antoinette
 photo Warwick the Kingmaker 46_zpskjykqan2.jpg
Part of the Warwyck, the Kingmaker story
 photo Warwick the Kingmaker 37_zpsb86c6cu8.jpg
Christine joining in the fun

 photo DSC_0536_zpsk5b2p66v.jpg

 photo Peacock Garden 22_zpsw51tr8vm.jpg
Yet another visitor!
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