Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Wow, An Actual Post (Almost!)

 photo unnamed_zpsj0y8gfne.jpg
I received that from my cousin yesterday - and did think it was too good not to share.

Today I have been waiting around for a delivery (due this morning), however I have kept us both busy, as you can see! I have a small hedge on one side of my from garden, and it needed squaring up a bit ... my assistant was too busy enjoying watching the world go by, though, to be of much help ....

 photo Aug 2019 3_zpsbgqd8ngm.jpg

 photo Aug 2019 1_zpsfqcmso6u.jpg

I'm all behind - so here goes the catch-up ...

8 Do you have a favourite towel?
A dry one!

9 Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?
That is one of the harder questions, isn't it? I do love reading, both fiction, and fact ... and love being able to talk. However, as I suppose I could be silent as I am single( Jifyyy would probably be happy ... as for my brothers, that is certainly theway they would vote.
So let's keep reading, please

10 What is your opinion of aubergines?
I am not a fan of any of that "family" ... to me they always appear tastless, whatever you do to them
Tags: camera phone, gardening, jiffy, question meme

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