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What A Place Of History

As you know I am a great fan of photography, and always wish I could devote more time to it ... so it was wonderful to go to the home of William Fox Talbot, the inventor of the negative/positive photograph. He is said to have done his first negative in 1834, with the first daguerreotypes being published a couple of years later. Although negatives had been shown to be produced at the end of the previous century by Wedgewood. So there has been a lot of controvesy, both then, and to this day ... but the claim sticks.

As it turned out he was an amazing polymath, who published books on archeology and botony (to name a couple) ... his life is certainly worth looking into ... Thanks Wikipedia

So i learnt, I saw ... and I took photos ....

Following in the master's footstepsCollapse )

However, as well as looking at the hero of my hobby, I found out about the lady who founded the Abbey ... she was an amazing lady ...

Ela was born in Amesbury, Wiltshire in 1187, the only child and heiress of William FitzPatrick, 2nd Earl of Salisbury, Sheriff of Wiltshire and Eléonore de Vitré. In 1196, the same year she became countess and inherited her father's numerous estates, Ela married William Longespée, an illegitimate son of King Henry II, and had 8 or 9 children.

Ela held the post of Sheriff of Wiltshire for two years following her husband's death.

Three years later in 1229, Ela founded Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire as a nunnery of the Augustinian order. In 1238, she entered the abbey as a nun; she was made Abbess of Lacock in 1240, and held the post until 1257. The Book of Lacock recorded that Ela founded the monasteries at Lacock and Henton.  During her tenure as abbess, Ela obtained many rights for the abbey and village of Lacock.

Ela, Countess of Salisbury died on 24 August 1261 and was buried in Lacock Abbey. We did see the stone, but it is so worn now.
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