Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Wow - August Already

Well first I can just wonder if any of you remember the TV series The Waltons ... well I made 50 icons and they are here. It was fun to re-visit the show ... a great favourite of Mum & Dad, as well ... So, a double reason for enjoying this set.

And, thank you kazzy_cee for listing the next month's questions.

1 What are the sexiest names and the least sexy names for a man?
I think that I like/ don't like names by people I have met So some people are "lovely" and so the name goes up in my thoughts.  (Shall I mention James as a name!!)

however some of the old fashioned names tend not to be sexy ... although one name that I could think, Horace, is fun as I have a teddy bear with that name!

So, not a proper answer I am afraid to say.

2 What are the sexiest names and the least sexy names for a woman?
3 What is the funniest real name you have ever heard?
4 Does a person’s name influence the person they become?
5 What's the best cake?
6 If you had a boat what would you name it?
7 Would you rather have unlimited sushi for life or unlimited tacos for life?
8 Do you have a favourite towel?
9 Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?
10 What is your opinion of aubergines?
11 In 40 years time what will people be nostalgic for?
12 If freedom is simply being able to do what you want, are animals freer than humans?
13 Would you rather be reincarnated as a fly or just cease to exist after you die?
14 Is social media a force for good or evil?
15 What life-altering things should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their lives?
16 Is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?
17 Would you rather be Kermit or Fozzie Bear?
18 What was your most devastating unrequited crush?
19 What would you genetically change about humans to make them a better species?
20 Would you rather have one real get out of jail free card or a key that opens any door?
21 What percentage of your life do you feel truly alive? When do you feel that way? How can you feel that way more often?
22 Do you like big romantic gestures or do they make you wince?
23 Netflix or YouTube?
24 Would you rather have an unlimited international first class ticket or never have to pay for food at restaurants?
25 Do you have a bucket list?
26 If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first?
27 Would you rather have an amazingly fast typing speed or be able to read ridiculously fast?
28 What's your favourite phone app? Should I get it?
29 What’s the weirdest conversation you’ve overheard?
30 If you could have an all-expenses paid trip to see any famous world monument or natural feature, which monument or feature would you choose?
31 Who is your favourite Claire?
Tags: icons, question meme, waltons

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