Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Am All Behind ... And Ahead

As I have missed a couple of days I thought I would get caught up, and do tomorrow's at the same time!

28 Do you like hard-boiled eggs?
Yes if made into an egg sandwich, or with some salad cream and a nice salad ... but by itself, not particularly.

29 Would you rather live in a tree-house or a bouncy castle?
Depends on the size!

30 Would you prefer to be furry like a bear or scaly like a fish?
Furry means you get more cuddles!

31 Who is your favourite Mike?
Umm .... trying to think.
I have a cousin called Mike, but I don't really know him. I worked with a Mike for a time but he tended to keep himself to himself ... so all in all, don't really have an answer
Tags: question meme

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