Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Spoke Too Soon!

LOL - yes, I said I was keeping up, and then it all fell apart! So here goes for 3 days =

21 Would you rather not be able to see any colors or have mild but constant tinnitus (ringing in the ears)?

Easy for me - as I already said I have lost some of the sight in one of my eyes, and as most of you know I am colourblind ... so, for me, it is seeing in B&W is the obvious choice.

22 What is your most interesting quirk?

I tend to have a warped sense of humour ... and can see the positive in the weirdest way. I have been told it can be infuriating ... I prefer to think of it as quirky!

23 A genie gives you one wish, no infinity wishes allowed, what do you ask for?

Oh wow, that is a tough question ...
I think that I would say that on the day in the future, when it is Jiffy's time to cross "Rainbow Bridge", that he would slip away in his sleep. He would not have to suffer at all.

Well its been a busy day at work, so I suppose I must get a cuppa before I cook dinner. Hope you are all well x
Tags: eyes, jiffy, question meme

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