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I Am Getting Old 
20th-Jul-2019 03:22 pm
Adventure before dementia
20 What did you use to spend your pocket money on?

I must be getting old, as I can't remember.

I know I put it towards presents for the family. However we didn't get much, so what it went on other than that would not be very much at all.
21st-Jul-2019 08:17 am (UTC)
My birthday is November so any birthday money always ended up being spent on Christmas presents for the rest of the family ;(

I just remember treating myself to sweeties lol!
27th-Jul-2019 07:03 pm (UTC)
Dad used to collect us from school on a Friday and we used to go via the sweet shop to buy (originally) 1p of sweets per day.

I think I must have bought comics ,,, Dandy, and later Jackie
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