Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Yay, I Am Keeping Up To Date!

19 Do you have a favourite plate?

Not one I use now, as I scared to break it.

When I went on holiday at age 18 to family friends, they had an odd tea-plate there which I loved, as it perfectly matched the bowl that I was given as a 1 year old, and still had. The Bunnykins pattern .

Anyway, as a joke I was given it every day ... and was sad to leave it behind. However when I got home and unpacked my case, there it was ... thank you Auntie Iris

I found a picture on Google-search, of the exact one.  My Bunnymug doesn't match though!
 photo Royal-Doulton-Bunnykins-39-Mr-Pigglys-Stores-39-6-3-8-quot-Rimmed-Bowl_1000_1DUGI_zpsfxczfykz.jpg
Tags: question meme
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