Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Two In One

I was tired after a day secretarial yesterday, so hardly turned on the pc at all ... and certainly not LJ. I have been really struggling with tiredness over the last few days/couple of weeks. Frustrating, but so far haven't had to take any more time off work. So I am doing 2 days in one again ... however, as it turns out, I am going to answer them together.

16 What one legal thing would you make illegal?
17 What one illegal thing would you make legal?

I may moan about laws, one way or the other, but most od them make sense .... so can't really think of any that I would add, or delete.

Boring, but true


On other news my aunt (Dad's 92 yr old sister) is having a brain MRI today. What annoys me is that whenever I speak to her she spends every moment moaning ... and moaning especially that she has not spoken to a doctor for ages (well, how did she get the apt?), and that the health system don't care about the elderly (if they didn't then they wouldn't have sent her for such an expensive test!)

However, Auntie Joyce has moaned all her life (Dad was older), so I suppose I am to expect her to be like this. At least Mum & Dad are spared her moans now!!
Tags: auntie joyce, chronic fatigue syndrome, health, question meme

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