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A couple of days ago I had my annual eye-test.  I go to Boots, which means I see a different optician every time.  I saw a very nice lady this time, but as she sat down I knew she had bad news.  However, as it turned out, it wasn't as bad as she had thought!

One of the tests I had done was the individual eye field of vision, and that is what she wanted to start with ... She needed to tell me I had tested as 50% vision in my right eye.  However it was my turn to reassure her!  I had surgery in that eye back in 1989, and for a few hours I had been totally blind ... then I told her to look at the photo of the rtina.  She was then suprised I could see anything at all! 

So, as I pointed out, I have 3/4 vision, but am not really aware of the fact as my left eye compensates most of the time.  On even more good news, no need to change the glasses prescription (so no big bill), and the loss of vision is only marginal compared to last year.

So all in al a positive trip.

And continuing to be positve - lets keep up ....

14 If being permanently stapled to a cello would somehow bring about world peace would you be prepared to be permanently stapled to a cello? It would hurt a little bit and you would never quite be able to escape the pain but there would be world peace and you could learn to play the cello.

i am a clarinetist.  I am a saxophonist.  I don't like stringed instruments ... however at least it's a cello and not a violin.  So, for world peace, ummmmmmm, maybe!!
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