Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Edinburgh Photos (4)

I may not have been able to get to Holyrood as the Queen was in residence, but I did go to see the Royal Yacht Britannia.

It is certainly very homely in many ways, so I can see why the Queen & Prince Philip loved it so much, and were upset when it's working life was over. Most of the royal area had been designed by the two of them, which was very nice to see.

 photo DSC_0453_zpsmhvpezyb.jpg

 photo Lounge 1_zpsbhkfw5u5.jpg
The Lounge
 photo The Queenrsquos study 1_zpsnfi8toz0.jpg
The Queen's Study
 photo Dining room 3_zpsj7v8kkuw.jpg
The Dining Room
 photo Dining room 2 - From Pitcairn Island 1971.  Signed on the back by every inhabitant._zpstblsiqx4.jpg
From Pitcairn Island 1971. Signed on the back by every inhabitant
 photo Officerrsquos lounge 5_zpszww4a0ju.jpg
Officer's lounge
 photo Prince Philiprsquos bedroom 1_zps5rszkykb.jpg
Prince Philip's Bedroom
 photo The Queenrsquos bedroom 3_zpsikzlangx.jpg
The Queen's bedroom
 photo For the rum ration_zpsgbqjecnl.jpg
For the rum ration
 photo DSC_0456_zpssnqa9rtk.jpg

 photo Sick Bay 6_zpsur4fm0n0.jpg
Sick bay
 photo DSC_0544_zpslm2t0456.jpg

 photo DSC_0529_zpsideqbav9.jpg

 photo DSC_0521_zps1u7hqbjf.jpg

 photo DSC_0518_zpsnni4rk6r.jpg
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