Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

OOooops .... I Am All Behind Again!

9 How obsessive are you about your bins?
We have a 2 bin system, so it's easy to use ... so I like to recycle as much as I can

10 Have you ever been up on the roof?
No - I am not good with heights.
However, I have been on the roof of the tower of Exeter Cathedral (but it has a wall around, so I could cope)

11 What's the largest vehicle you have ever driven?
My licence lets me drive a 7 1/2 ton truck. Dad and I hired one some years ago to collect a load of stuff when his mum was having work done. So, an all-day drive, each way, and we did a 50:50 split

12 Have you ever met your doppelganger?
I pity whoever is "me" ... so would be too scared to meet them!

13 What is the best certificate that you have ever been awarded?
My degree was pretty special
However I also just received a certificate for my 100 length swim for Guide Dogs for the Blind ... that was a special swim, so glad I have the certificate as well.


I will aim to do better ;)
Tags: driving, personal, question meme

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