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Edinburgh Photos (3)

Even if you don't really know much about the city, most of us have heard of Edinburgh Castle. I went there on my trip, and really found it a fascinating place - complete with the Scottish War Memorial, 3 museums, a Norman Chapel and various Tudor buildings. Yes, it was a full day, but still hard to take in - and even harder to try to share in just a few photos.

However, while there I did try to collect a souveneir, or two ... but sadly I only had one ticket for the return home!!

 photo DSC_0727_zpsi4gkoaid.jpg

 photo DSC_0894_zpsliiqg5xv.jpg

 photo Baby McBain carried into battle at Malplaguet in his knapsack after his wife returned home 1_zpsu9tjczj6.jpg
A tableau showing one of the youngest combattents in a battle - Baby McBain carried into battle at Malplaguet in his knapsack after his wife returned home
 photo Drummer Boy 1850_zpsbkcqxsbf.jpg
Drummer Boy 1850
 photo DSC_0823_zpsbgrf2k0v.jpg

 photo Earl Haig 2_zpsrqebxhfe.jpg
Earl Haig
 photo Prisons hellip set as American amp French revolutions 5_zps9ufe9kk7.jpg
Prison - as used by the Americans, and French during the 18th and 19th centuries
 photo St Margaretrsquos Chapel     8_zpskqqsgfvh.jpg
St Margaret's Chapel - the oldest part of the castle
 photo DSC_0706_zpsbimcpd7b.jpg
Guarding the War Memorial Hall
 photo The Great Hall    16_zpsdxxekxbi.jpg
The Great Hall
 photo The Great Hall    14_zpssx1chrhq.jpg
The Great Hall
 photo DSC_0663_zpsxd4yz9tj.jpg

 photo The room where James I VI was born 1_zpsgyjp3vem.jpg
The room where James I VI was born
 photo History of the Crown Jewells The Honours 4_zps1foqcpx3.jpg
History of the Crown Jewells, The Honours
 photo DSC_0615_zps4febmnrc.jpg

 photo DSC_0614_zpsjewdlngd.jpg

And, for those who don't recognise the icon - In the Dresden Files, the council of wizards is situated in a tunnel network under the city, and especially the castle
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