Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,


... Just got back from Bonnie Scotland ... exhausted, both from a super week, but also a 14 hour overnight coch trip.  So I won't be catching up with you all (sorry), but have got to get myself "sort of" organised!! Especially as I am working om Saturday.

Anyway, a super trip, that I really enjoyed.

Jiffy is asleep behind me - he loves his new holiday home, and actually last weekend he "did" Glastonbury.  The family decided they were going to have an open house and party the weekend away, and although it was for Glastonbury, I think Jiffy turned out to be the star attraction!

Anyway, as today is the 4th, I do have to wish all you Colonials the happiest of days, and hope that you have managed to cope for another year without us!!!

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Tags: 4th july, holiday 2019, jiffy, scotland, usa

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