Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Normandy Museums

As part of the holiday we went to 4 different museums ... of which there was a lot of overlap of the displays.

A couple had really great scenes to give you a taste of June '44 ... and one had the noise of battle drumming in the background.

There was the regular display of uniforms from all of the participants, flags and personal momentoes.  There were also quite a few displays of "lost" items ... things that had been recoverd years later, either from the sea, or the hedgerows.

 photo Utah Museum 18 - Martin B26 Maraurder_zpsifar83ns.jpg

 photo Utah Museum 27_zpsic0m9g6h.jpg

 photo Overlord Museum 31_zps7kud31md.jpg

 photo Overlord Museum 24_zpsjdw84skb.jpg

 photo Overlord Museum 17_zpsjpcynqal.jpg

 photo Overlord Museum 10_zpsmabvftnk.jpg

 photo Juno Beach museum 17_zpsidcodlpq.jpg
Tags: camera, france, holiday 2019, wwii

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