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Friday - Fast, Fun!

When I got DJ in from his field on Friday it was one damp pony who came in and as it was a bit of a cold wind blowing he actually came over to me and walked in quickly!!

For the first time this year he could get into his box - Toni had stacked a load of jump poles in front of the door while I was injured, and then cleared them, only to stack the rugs Secret was wearing in the door.  No way could I move them - it had to be in Toni's timing.  So, he was back in his space - mind you ... for DJ, any space with food is a popular space!!

I didn't have too much time to spare on Friday as I had a dentist appointment in the early afternoon - and my dentist is where Mum and Dad live, so had to get away early.  Just as I was tacking DJ up I had a text message from my brother asking if they could stay at mine over the weekend ... Panic!! They are very house-proud people and guess who had been using their spare-room as a general dump since Christmas!!  Yes - Panic!!!

Anyway Toni brought in Smudge and we just went up the road, along a verge area so we could have a canter - and back.  DJ was on his best behaviour all morning - which was more than I could say about Smudge!!   We had a great time ... the wind had dropped by now and it was lovely to be out.

Once back DJ had a quick snack before me rushing him back to his field, so I could go and "shovel" my spare room out.  I am more used to mucking out stables!!
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