Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Some Spuffy Icons

As I said in my last post, banners are new for me, but icons are something I am happier with.  These are all made for seasonal_spuffy ... enjoy

1.   photo 8_zpszm9gsixf.jpg   2.   photo 7_zpstosbeqaf.jpg   3.   photo 5_zpssrh9o8ih.jpg   4.   photo 6_zps677pwn4r.jpg

5.   photo 4_zpsyt1j2ua3.jpg   6.   photo 3_zps7po8zuwl.jpg   7.   photo 2_zpskw1z7fsp.jpg   8.   photo 1_zpsgnlfhsfz.jpg

9.   photo 11_zpspnuzrgzg.jpg   10.   photo 12_zpslqmvophx.jpg   11.   photo 13_zps4pdcfiou.jpg   13.   photo 15_zps8xt8o2mz.jpg   14.   photo 14_zpszztp0gob.jpg

15.   photo Spuffy 2_zpsdzwecpil.jpg   16.   photo resizedimage600368-Spike-speaks-for-us-all. - 1 icon_zpsicp2fika.png   17.   photo New-Cool-Background_zpseolwt1ie.jpg   18.   photo BtVS_S7_E13_0059_zpseorfi8hu.jpg

19.   photo BtVS_S7_E13_0363_zps7adyjkmu.jpg   20.   photo buffy-spike_zpsbsc8yhvi.jpg   21.   photo 10_zpsveubvkyn.jpg   22.   photo 9_zpscbpipzfu.jpg

The credits are over at my icon journal - d4s_icons All are snaggable, and if you want any words added, just let me know.
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