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Decorating ... At Long Last!

I moved into this house 8 years ago, and am only getting round to re-doing my study, so I can get a carpet down ... at long last.  I did paint it when I had the bookshelves made, but have wanted to get it properly done, and carpetted.  So a couple of weeks ago I chose the carpet, and booked the fitting ... so now I have a timetable.

I had today off work, but after going into the city to get a haircut, do some shopping, including new sandles, I didn't get much done today.  Luckily it is a small room!  I want to get it mostly sorted tomorrow (another day off)

Tomorrow I also want to go up to the cemetery to cut the grass round the gravestones,  They do mow the grounds, but not 101% up close to the stones for safety sake, so I want to get them looking good ... we have good weather here, and it is Easter.

Anywaay, once I have done the study I want to finally get on with my spare room ... a job that REALLY needs doing!!

My other decorating project is one I am not doing.  Tonight someone came to pick up my garden bench to clean, repair & varnish.  I know some people will think I am mad to spend money on an old bench .... however, it was a gift to Mum when she left her P/T job back in 1983.  She went to work for the 4 years I was at college, and worked at a departmental store (where I also worked Saturdays, & holidays) ... and they had a collection when she left (so rare at that shop),  and she had this super bench.  I don't want to loose it.

Oh well, as you can see I am busy .... which is good ... especially as I do struggle with depression, as most of you know.  So am pleased that I am beginning to kick back some focus.

... And as teragramm knows, I am also trying to learn more techniques for my icons ... and attempting banners.  She foolishly offered to give me a bit of help, and supposrt.  Thank you
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