Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

10 Star Wars Icons

Here is another finished set of icons ... I just hope these are OK.  If not, and they don't pass the brief can you let me know, as being colourblind, this is where life gets tough.

They are made for Round 23 of monthlyinspo ... and our theme is Earth Day.  So, hopefully these colours/images are "earth" coloured.

I chose to set them all from the iconic "first" Star Wars film ... ie #4, A New Hope ... enjoy (I hope)

1.   photo i_zpsmritsjc1.jpg  2.   photo ii_zpslubo2x5z.jpg  3.   photo iii_zpsoaa1ejxw.jpg

4.   photo iv_zpswsq4dzx4.jpg  5.   photo v_zpst7cg2dqs.jpg  6.   photo vi_zps0ydhythp.jpg

7.   photo vii_zpsy18svsdy.jpg  8.   photo viii_zps4lmodlne.jpg  9.   photo ix_zps71pck0sb.jpg  10.  photo x_zpsjhij5z8n.jpg

And a couple of failures!
 photo 2_zpsmfpfbeba.jpg    photo 1_zpsv0n35yru.jpg  photo

As ever, all are snaggable, and credit can be found over on my icon journal - d4s_icons
Tags: #4, competition, icons, star wars

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