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10 BtVS Icons

Well I have managed to get a few more icons made ... I am very lucky that the couple of contests I still can enter only want 10 icons at a time, otherwise I would be stuck.

I spoke too soon - I thought I had avoided the virus this winter ... however I have spent the last 3 days in bed, and am only up now so I can get these done. Other than take Jiffy for a walk and eat and drink the last 3 days have been spent asleep. I did see a doctor yesterday who confirmed it was viral, however is concerned that I also have sinusitis again. So I have a prescription for penicillin if I am not feeling better by tomorrow. So, we shall see. I had planned to go out for the day with Christine tomorrow, but that is cancelled ... I just hope I am well enough for the couple of coach trips I have planned over the following, Easter, weekend.

Anyway, enough of me whining ... you came to see icons. So here they are. 10 icons for round 8 of [community profile] icons10in20 ... and all taken from BtVS season 5 ... enjoy

First Episode Spring April Baby Black & White Hands
 photo First episode_zpspglly0eg.jpg  photo Spring_zps6nmllxs6.jpg  photo April baby_zpsalfkvolj.jpg  photo Black amp white_zpshvgi75rm.jpg  photo Hands_zpsqghcms6n.jpg
Levels Eye-Wear Profile & Solid BG X marks The Spot Full Body
 photo Levels_zpsvlek5yap.jpg  photo Eye wear_zpsrsnfzgmr.jpg  photo Profile amp solid bg_zps9ba81f25.jpg  photo X marks the spot_zpsagrqndqi.jpg  photo Full body_zpsa619tfgi.jpg

As ever, all are snaggable ... the credits can be found over at d4s_icons

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Tags: btvs, buffy, competition, easter, icons, ill, season 5, spike
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