Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

10 Icons

Just under the wire, I have done these icons for Round 22 of monthlyinspo ... I will admit I am less pleased with them, than most, but wanted to participate as I do enjoy the challenge, and this is a lovely community.

So, our challenge was to make 10 icons form film posters ... here are the 10 (I haven't bothered with a cut)

1.   photo rare-vintage-1980-collectors-iconic-movie-poster-gone-with-the-wind-1939-7198_zpsdqjv0vrp.jpg  2.   photo rare-vintage-1980-collectors-iconic-movie-poster-gone-with-the-wind-1939-7198 2_zpsxkfodihw.jpg  3.   photo Untitled_zpspxnewr0r.jpg

4.   photo Longest Day_zps2oeeixxt.jpg  5.   photo passchendaele-poster1a_zpsouhzwlfj.jpg 6.   photo passchendaele-poster1b_zpsb3v5rk9o.jpg

7.   photo Batman 2_zpsokq2lcem.jpg 8.   photo Batman 1_zpsrfmkzqpo.jpg 9.   photo apollo-13-movie-poster1_zpstlvnwpii.jpg 10.  photo Apollo_thirteen_movie1_zpsw5v2hf8y.jpg

As ever all are snaggable

 photo rare-vintage-1980-collectors-iconic-movie-poster-gone-with-the-wind-1939-7198_zpsg2dhllaw.png

 photo Batman_Forever_original_film_art_spo_2000x_zpslpv8o8b7.jpg

 photo passchendaele-poster1_zpsu6utblyy.jpg

 photo item_XL_10718105_14286681_zpsf7rba8qi.jpg

 photo apollo-13-movie-poster_zpsuqfqpeup.jpg

 photo Apollo_thirteen_movie_zpsshqmscqx.jpg

 photo s5rP9nQ6fqvhkrpBEe4JrSRMmOf_zpsjooiqqxb.jpg
The Longest Day pre-advertising poster

And so, as my icon states ... I need a cup of tea!

Hope that your Saturday is going well.  I have been busy so far ... shopping, painting a small section of outside wall that needed it, and finishing these icons.  So lunch, and a cuppa are calling
Tags: apollo 13, films, icons

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