Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Come Bearing Photos .... Hopefully You Will Ignore My Absence That Way!!!

Yesterday I went back to A La Ronde, for my third visit. It is only a few miles from me, and a real treasure.

This time I went with Brenda ... we had been due to go out for the day nearer to where she lives, but I injured y back in a fall 10 days ago, and my old back injury has flared up, leaving me with a numb right leg, so I didn't want to risk a longer motorway drive.

The 16 sided house - designed by 2 female cousins in the 1790's after being on their own "Grand Tour" ... this wat they can always be in a room with sunlight
 photo DSC_0292_zpsodkoywo4.jpg

 photo DSC_0237_zpskb8qsuub.jpg
 photo DSC_0290_zpsfs6xz1uc.jpg

 photo DSC_0288_zpsb7oskjlx.jpg

 photo DSC_0280_zpsgazt1tgh.jpg
Those circles are actually made by feathers
 photo DSC_0276_zpsipwgmipc.jpg
The shutters are still the original ones
 photo DSC_0266_zpso19pbbev.jpg
The upper level was a shell gallery, now not accessable due to the damage
 photo DSC_0265_zpshknvxs0s.jpg
Close-up of the overflow on a wash-basin
 photo DSC_0262_zpstbkuiupy.jpg
Some of the many shell sculptures in the house
 photo DSC_0251_zpsa6ovwszf.jpg

 photo DSC_0250 2_zps7l8fij3v.jpg
I love this - a bookcase to fill in every space, and so squaring off the rooms easier
 photo DSC_0246_zpsbptgnb5e.jpg
The central hall can be opened up, or close off.  The silver ball in the air is original ... the first "disco ball"???
 photo DSC_0244_zps7aielpux.jpg

 photo DSC_0243_zpsuscgdm2p.jpg

It's spring
 photo DSC_0240_zpsladchn4f.jpg

 photo DSC_0239_zpsuwaleu9k.jpg

 photo DSC_0235_zpsin2sowfi.jpg

They even built their own Chapel up the road, and laid down funding that means it is still in use today
 photo DSC_0297_zps2sungskz.jpg
In the school-room
 photo DSC_0302_zpse6ebevui.jpg
Both have "Mrs", but neither were married
 photo DSC_0299_zpskwewrmcs.jpg

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