Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Have Signed Up For A Challenge In May ....

... to swim 100 lengths.

Guide Dogs (for the blind) is doing a May100 challenge, and as I need a challenge I am going to do this. I do support a puppy-in-training (the present one is called Fletcher) in Mum's memory. Watching her lose her sight was heart-breaking in the extreme, and this challenge is doubly special as it was her who taught me (and my brothers) to swim ... to begin with just in the sea around England when on holiday, and then occasionally at a swimming pool where Dad worked.

She kept swimming until she was 80, as she is in this photo taken in Rhodes of the two of us.

 photo Lambis - In the pool -  13_zpszrnuoqz7.jpg

So, I am raising money as part of this challenge, as you can see here
Tags: blindness, charity, guide dogs, may100 fundraising, mum

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