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Yes, I Am Alive ... And I have Photos To Prove It!!

Well, I should be at the gym, or at work ... but have the day off instead. As I said in my icon post I have been doing extra shifts at work, which is good for the bank balance, but I have been struggling with the exhaustion. Marvelously I have been able to keep going at work, so haven't had to leave early, but then ended up falling asleep in my chair soon after 7pm. So, I didn't plan to work, and then decided to cancel the gym ... and get some housework done, but at a leisurely pace. (In other words, other than putting some washing on the line, I haven't started any!!)

Work has been good, in that I am now doing a day a week as a secretary ... no audio typing needed, but setting up clinics, and tracking absent patients etc.  So I am now doing 3 mornings as a nurse, 2 - 3 afternoons as an Admin Clerk, and 1 day as a Secretary ... Imagine having to fill in my occupation on a form now!  But, I am enjoying the challenge.

In my free spare moments I am having to look for a new doggy sitter for Jiffy, as Moira has bought a humumngous rescue dog, who didn't even want Jiffy to visit.  She said we should persevere, but with the size and attitude of the dog, I declined.  In actual fact I would prefer to cancel my holiday than let Jiffy stay there.

Anyway, last week was half term, so I didn't "gym", but went Wednesday afternoon with Christine to Greenway House in South Devon ... the home of Agatha Christie.  I will admit I am not a fan of "whodunnits", but was fascinated to learn more of her life ... and was amazed to learn that she met her second husband (Sir Max Mallowan) in Ur, on an archeology trip in 1930.  The other lovely thing about the trip is that the spring flowers looked truly stunning

The house - actually looking out over the river
 photo DSC_0081_zpsjt3bwvcl.jpg
The dining room - you can't see it easily but by Agatha's seat is a cream jug.  She didn't drink alcohol, but always had a glass of double cream with her meals
 photo DSC_0075_zpsixv93ylr.jpg
The house was used by American Coast Guardsmen, of Flotilla Force 10, in 1944.  One of the officers decorated the libary with the story of their war.
 photo DSC_0064_zpsnj3it1zi.jpg
First editions, in order, of all her books
 photo DSC_0059_zps4h2a8vpu.jpg
Their bedroom.  The smaller bed is her husband's campagn bed, and he found it so comfy, he continued to use it once home
 photo DSC_0057_zpswglcqxvk.jpg

 photo DSC_0052_zpscqii2oud.jpg

 photo DSC_0049_zps0i9yfp9s.jpg

 photo DSC_0037_zps0qnky05g.jpg

 photo DSC_0036_zpsskty73rl.jpg

 photo DSC_0032_zpskk5u1gos.jpg
This is a painting of her as a child ... and the doll in the picture, is the doll on the hair below it
 photo DSC_0030_zpsr5ueecos.jpg

 photo DSC_0024_zpsqpqkbiav.jpg
 photo DSC_0020_zps5yozbgxe.jpg

 photo DSC_0079_zpspoj4v2pq.jpg

This is the boat-house, as used in the plot (and the most recent filming) of Dead Man's Folly
 photo DSC_0098_zpstw8v5rwd.jpg

 photo DSC_0096_zpsccmfomck.jpg

 photo DSC_0082_zps2czgh1ul.jpg

 photo DSC_0089_zpsyl86s4ft.jpg
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