Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Ooops - I Am Alive ....

.... so much for my promise to myself to be a better LJer.

I have spent the last 10 days fighting against a chest infection, and still keeping working.  So that meant down-time was snooze time!  However last Friday, as the day progressed I realised my brian was getting as fuzzy as my breathing, so I called it quits.  I had acyually worked a full week, something I hadn't done for a long time.  So good to see that I kept going!

Anyway, Sat and Sun in bed ... and then Mon, and some of today.  Yes I decided to cancel 2 days of work and go back tomorrow.

At present I am doing a few extra shifts to cover the receptionist, and the hope is that I can find the balance between extra work (and pay) and "Deborah & Jiffy" time.  However it has been good to know that despite the bugs I was able to work longer hours than I have been able to do since I was first diagnosed with the CFS.

This part of Exeter didn't really get snow, although I still took phone calls from a couple who cancelled apts, despite living locally (that is doubly annoying) ... although I suppose it's better than just not turning up, which is what a lot of people do.

So nothing else really to report ... although I have done another jigsaw.  This is of 100 films - yes I managed to work out most of them, but not all
 photo 3 - 1000_zpsjfzjkwgi.jpg

I still have to finish the Snowflake Challenge, but think I will leave that until I am more human again.

Hope you are all keeping well - group hugs
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, ill, jigsaw, work

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