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Heaven ... Well Sir's Version!!

I didn't ride today - I am trying to be really good about my hand and as I had to go to orchestra yesterday (we have a concert in a couple of months) and ought to go to Band on Friday (we have a concert in 6 weeks - and I didn't go last Friday so I could watch Torchwood!)  So, thought my hand had enough punishment at present ... although I am riding tomorrow (just don't warn Sir!)

Anyway - I went to see him ... well, that's also a stretch of the truth - But, again, don't tell him!

I went to Toni's because it is their wedding anniversary and they have gone out for the day, so they wanted me to let their dog, Kai, out so he could ....!!!!!

While there I also fed her 3 horses, as (unlike DJ) they are on supplementary feeds. 

So, I walked out to see DJ and as I said he was in Heaven.

It had rained that morning so the ground (and him) were muddy ... now the sun was out.  I came over, gave him a couple of carrots, itched the nd of his nose and then left him to himself ... yay ... eat, roll and play!

Hope he remembers his lazy day when I go to get him tomorrow!

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