Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Some Music-Based Icons

I have finished a set of icons for Round 20 of monthlyinspo, with a theme of musically.

Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo 11_zpsjfg2fnsk.jpg    photo 4_zpsbstbqkik.jpg    photo 14_zps8ir2e9dq.jpg

1.   photo 1_zpsvbkrpmim.jpg  2.   photo 2_zpsma2vzie6.jpg  3.   photo 3_zpspqfdwwsd.jpg  4.   photo 4_zpsbstbqkik.jpg   5.   photo 5_zpsn5fuvjpo.jpg
6.   photo 6_zps86un76gw.jpg  7.   photo 7_zpsf6uizrqd.jpg  8.   photo 8_zpsky92ch0o.jpg  9.   photo 9_zps8mls9hcy.jpg  10.  photo 10_zpsqndemram.jpg

11.  photo 11_zpsjfg2fnsk.jpg 12.  photo 12_zps1mwyhgbc.jpg  13.  photo 13_zpsoyd7vkao.jpg 14.  photo 14_zps8ir2e9dq.jpg  15.  photo 15_zpsm1tuvabj.jpg

16.  photo 16_zps19otns3g.png  17.  photo 17_zpsnxmdmpsi.jpg  18.  photo 18_zpssiplfsjs.jpg  19.  photo 19_zpsl9jxfecq.jpg  20.  photo 20_zpsy7shlkyy.png

As ever, all are snaggable - and credits are available in my icon journal.
The photographs were all taken by myself, and are of James Marsters, as well as of Ghost Of The Robot.

Here are a couple of extras, as well

 photo xxx_zpsiihfvvos.jpg    photo x_zpshaldchjb.jpg    photo xx_zps8rnilmyg.jpg

Tags: clarinet, competition, ghost of the robot, icons, james, music

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