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10 BtVS Series 4 Icons 
18th-Dec-2018 11:26 am
Spuffy - Christmas
This set of icons, for Round 6 of icons10in20, are all from season 4 of BtVS. My first from this series for some time, but this was my first fandom love, so nice to be back. Sorry these are a couple of days late, and thank you for the extension. Another month has got away from me, as I am sure a lot of you are saying the same, but do enjoy this comm, so glad I could get involved.

1. Blue+Pink 2. Center 3. Lighting 4. Side crop 5. Close up
 photo Blue amp Pink_zpst1j3fcqv.jpg  photo Centre_zpsdevwyp7p.jpg  photo BtVS_S4_E8_0647_zpsxyakgqh6.jpg  photo Side crop_zpsobpeyfqa.jpg  photo Close up_zpsk2ghcohv.jpg
6. Long hair 7. Short hair 8. Happy 9. Accessory 10. Team Up
 photo Long hair_zpsonunfup8.jpg  photo Short hair_zpsfuryqe4m.jpg  photo Happy_zpst8pydk9b.jpg  photo Accessory_zpsh46exol1.jpg  photo Group_zpsgfpjmzbw.jpg

As ever all, all icons are snaggable, and credits for the images, plus the backgrounds, etc, can be found over on my LJ icon account - d4s_icons

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21st-Dec-2018 08:04 pm (UTC)
Very nice!
24th-Dec-2018 02:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you

Happy Christmas
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