Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Day Out With Brenda

I did say I had met up with Brenda, yesterday ... and managed to avoid the rain.  We went to Dyrham Park, near Bath.

They had the upstairs closed for maintenance, but the ground floor was interesting as it was decorated for a 17th century Christmas ... the man who had the house built was a Dutch nobleman, and a friend of William of Orange.

This bed was made for King William III to sleep in, but in the end he never visited  (It cost £1,000 in 1700)
 photo DSC_0182_zpsfsmarhbb.jpg
A leather hung room
 photo DSC_0177_zpsscbyw8as.jpg
One of the ceilings (looking up the staircase)
 photo DSC_0168_zpszwfjhizd.jpg

 photo DSC_0165_zps57qk81yd.jpg

 photo DSC_0159_zpsevidiwbw.jpg
We walked out into part of the village, as you can see
 photo DSC_0131_zpspqav0nrh.jpg
There were some lovely tombs in the Church - 16th century ....
 photo DSC_0142_zpsldrhpyhv.jpg
... and 15th century
 photo DSC_0138_zpsuexnooyl.jpg

 photo DSC_0127_zps0rajinyf.jpg
We both decorated the garden, to ward off "The Lord of Misrule" ... here is Brenda, with her ribbon
 photo DSC_0118_zpsgvxdzkh4.jpg

 photo DSC_0125_zpspmlb1mtc.jpg

 photo DSC_0148_zpsx961av6d.jpg

 photo DSC_0114_zpsykg1ig2s.jpg
Stables, which only stopped being used last year
 photo DSC_0109_zpsl2wphc3f.jpg

 photo DSC_0105_zps4ofzm9di.jpg
Yes, we did walk up the hill to see the view
 photo DSC_0190_zps9d2jalak.jpg

While there we also went to a Carol concert in the Church, which made the trip even more special.
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