Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

2 Days In A Row ....

... actually posted twice in 2 days! Hope to post again tomorrow with photos, as I have met up with Brenda today and gone to another National Trust property. We were able to avoid the rain while there, but driving home was terrible.

So, watching Strictly Come Dancing now, and typing here ... and will try and do some LJ catch-up, as well.

December 08 → talk about games this year


Does it means games I have been to, or have been involved in ... well the answer to both is none. And has been since birth (other than having to play at school, which was not fun, as I was in a bitchy class and so the bruises from a hockey stick had to be seen to be believed)

However I do still go to the gym, so maybe not too bad, after all
Tags: day trip, december meme, gym

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