Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

December Meme ... Again

So, maybe doing the December Meme will keep me focussed on LJ ... although, at the moment I am mainly avoiding having to sit and write some Christmas cards!!

I had an early gym session this morning, which was a shock to have to set the alarm early on a Saturday, but I am glad I did it ... then this evening I have the Christmas dinner at work. The rest seemed to be super-excited when I was in on Thursday, but I am not a great one for drawn out meals (with loud music in the background) ... and certainly not a dancer. But I have been a good girl and bought a ticket, rather than be my normal hermit-self.

Anyway, the meme ....

December 01 → A photo of you taken this year

 photo AVRO 504 K 4_zpsbgy8x4xk.jpg
I know I have posted a few of me on holidays over the year - but thought this was one I had missed ... taken at The RAF Museum, Hendon. It is an AVRO 504K, used in WWI, for those who wanted to know!

December 02 → your holiday wish list
December 03 → talk about movies this year
December 04 → talk about television this year
December 05 → talk about books this year
December 06 → talk about food this year
December 07 → talk about music this year
December 08 → talk about games this year
December 09 → talk about art this year
December 10 → a photo of you taken over ten years ago
December 11 → talk about volunteering/charity this year.
December 12 → talk about this year in medical news
December 13 → talk about hobbies this year
December 14 → something that made you proud this year
December 15 → something that made you laugh this year
December 16 → something that made you sad this year
December 17 → something that made you happy this year
December 18 → your favorite photo this year
December 19 → what you learned this year
December 20 → a picture of you taken over 20 years ago
December 21 → your favorite websites this year
December 22 → new items you’ve added to collections this year
December 23 → travel you did this year
December 24 → Something which caught your interest this year
December 25 → a photo of you and your family
December 26 → talk about politics or current events this year
December 27 → 3 goals for next year
December 28 → your plans for New Years Eve
December 29 → talk about things you are excited for next year
December 30 → a list of what you got for your winter holiday
December 31 → best moment of the month

I know I owe comments ... will try and catch up tomorrow (fingers crossed)
Tags: aircraft, camera, christmas, december meme, gym, london, work

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