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London W/E Part 4

For some unknown reason my computer uploaded these photos in a random order ... so they will get posted as they are!!

They are basically from 4 museums ... I tend to visit the 3 of them each time I am in London, but however many times I visit, there is always something more to see.  Sometimes because they have added new displays, sometimes because I am just more observant!!

 photo DSC_0445_zpsmn5hipcr.jpg
A 16th century carpet
 photo Carpet from Azerbaijan  1539_zps6irffcwf.jpg
Close-up of a netzski
 photo Netzski 1_zpspg5eoqgs.jpg
A 17th century dress ... and a doll
 photo DSC_0475_zpsc5xtn8sf.jpg
A spinnet
 photo DSC_0424_zpsibdkx5ec.jpg
I am always fascinated by sculpture ... amazing work
 photo DSC_0422_zpsfquzzgzq.jpg
Another love of mine is glass
 photo DSC_0410_zpsvgzrriy7.jpg

 photo DSC_0284_zpstwjq2vt1.jpg
The Science Museum had some sort of display on the sun, which you had to pay to enter ... this was how they were reminding people.
 photo DSC_0281_zpshvjyuq8b.jpg

 photo DSC_0275_zpsvcrclc78.jpg

 photo DSC_0259_zpsymk9f3fb.jpg

 photo DSC_0258_zpscgtuzuue.jpg

 photo DSC_0255_zpsnnbi05yk.jpg

 photo DSC_0408_zpsvy8viacd.jpg
The V&A is certainly a stunning building
 photo DSC_0405_zpshilipjao.jpg
 photo DSC_0404_zpst8tretma.jpg

The oldest complete set of equine armour (The Wallace Collection)
 photo DSC_0394_zpsz0rujpd1.jpg
The Laughing Cavalier
 photo DSC_0392_zpse75p00e5.jpg
Close-up of another painting, in the Wallace Collection
 photo DSC_0389_zpssoogfvcc.jpg

 photo DSC_0367_zps2g4be46n.jpg

 photo DSC_0386_zpsoa5mmopa.jpg
Above & below are 2 of the rooms from the Collection
 photo DSC_0381_zpsugamabsw.jpg
He had this made when he was knighted, as that is on his coat of arms
 photo DSC_0379_zpspa20v1zg.jpg
The Wallace Collection is housed in what was a private house
 photo DSC_0377_zps1wxo4bgp.jpg

 photo DSC_0376_zps5dtxw7zo.jpg

 photo DSC_0374_zpsghlz9yfl.jpg

Green Park
 photo Green Park 3_zpsfl6abupk.jpg
Edith Cavell's memorial
 photo DSC_0741_zps7nuyldhh.jpg

 photo DSC_0746_zpsv4zlliwa.jpg

I stayed at a different hostel this time, and it was above a pub.  We had breakfast in the bar ... and couldn't resist taking this photo of part of their bar sign
 photo DSC_0289_zps8exe0eih.jpg
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