Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

London W/E Part 1

I am going to get a few photos up today - and these were from Day 1.

I went to The Imperial War Museum, which I have been to before - but they did have some of the Poppy Display there ... so am glad I got there to see that, as I had missed it when it was at the Tower.  However I did go to see the beacons at The Tower.  I wasn't 100% impressed, but I think it didn't help as I got pushed doen a small step by the crowds, which screwed up my back and knee for the holiday (Pain killers are great)

 photo DSC_0023 2_zpsg0fnxdmg.jpg

 photo DSC_0019 2_zpssuhhivz7.jpg
I do like it that you can see Tower Bridge in the background here.
 photo DSC_0036 2_zpsjcpyjif1.jpg

As I said, I am glad that I got to see the Poppies ... they are amazing.

This display is called "The Weeping Window"
 photo DSC_0904_zpseft1bopl.jpg

 photo DSC_1003_zpsdnk3kdic.jpg

 photo DSC_0908_zps3ikh7wmn.jpg

 photo DSC_0924_zpsy4xspqan.jpg
WWI trench signs
 photo DSC_0931_zpshxvnfe23.jpg
My Grandmother was injured in this explosion
 photo DSC_0949_zps1fefkkew.jpg
A piece of The Berlin Wall
 photo DSC_0996_zpsa3z92cbe.jpg

A couple of weeks ago I was watching TV and they were filming something at the RAF museum, and I realised I had never been ... so Day 2 saw me travelling to Hendon, and the planes

A Messerschmidt fighter
 photo Messerschmitt BF 109E_zpst208mme3.jpg

 photo Curtiss Kittyhawk III 1_zpsdzcj4g4a.jpg
One of the pilots made this coat for his pet dog.
 photo DSC_0103_zpsdfygvual.jpg

 photo DSC_0095_zpsunp2vjad.jpg
See - I was there ... an AVRO WWI plane
 photo AVRO 504 K 4_zpsi8iqeb1w.jpg

 photo DSC_0074 2_zps0zxikhtf.jpg

 photo DSC_0070 2_zpsxd7c6wph.jpg

 photo DSC_0056 2_zps6yn5tkbk.jpg
A Supermarine Spitfire ... the iconic RAF plane
 photo DSC_0039 2_zpsx1dhmoaz.jpg
A Boeing Flying Fortress - where Mum was living she was surrounded by the USAAF, so would have seen these in the air, all the time
 photo Boeing B17 Flying Fortress 4_zpstgqjneeq.jpg
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