Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Pistols At Dawn????

First - I'm back, and yes, I had a great trip.  I haven't had a chance to sort photos yet ... but will do ASAP (probably over the weekend).

Anyway - why this title?

Well, I heard a story from history this morning while I was having breakfast.  So, whether  you are Brexit, or not.  Whether you are a Teresa May, or a Jeremy Corbin fan.  It doesn't matter.  There is a perfect answer, that has already occurred in history when the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition ended up having a duel.  True.  William Pitt, the Younger and George Tierney, fought a duel on Sunday May 27th, 1798.

So, maybe that's all we need from now on ... Simple. End of all Parliamentary debates!!  Just head to Putney Heath, and there is the answer.
Tags: history, holiday 2018, parliament

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