Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

A Lovely Autumn Day Out

And, then one week later I met up with Brenda at Killerton ... my local "house", but one I hadn't been to so far this year with the National Trust trips.

The Chapel -
 photo DSC_0890_zpst1awsiie.jpg

 photo DSC_0894_zpsqcpqo9h4.jpg

 photo DSC_0893_zpsdvo4lh9s.jpg
The Bear Hut ... and, yes, it was built to house a pet bear -
 photo DSC_0879_zpsft1oc1qn.jpg

 photo DSC_0866_zpseaetk9bf.jpg
Brenda & I enjoying the Autumn colours
 photo DSC_0863_zpshtva6pdo.jpg

 photo DSC_0861_zpslcpsleml.jpg

 photo DSC_0858_zps3bddx529.jpg
Part of the clothing display -
I had an outfit identical to this, in the 70's, but mine was mint green
 photo DSC_0848_zps7n5kxlv3.jpg
Love the hat - but look how tiny these shoes are (and the tiny ankles)
 photo DSC_0847_zpssjaxjrwg.jpg

 photo DSC_0839_zpss0v8gr9s.jpg

 photo DSC_0838_zpszkuz1kuw.jpg

 photo DSC_0831_zpscsg2owmv.jpg

 photo DSC_0822_zpsa0emy08h.jpg

 photo DSC_0820_zpsbqhi9xc4.jpg

 photo DSC_0816_zps9buij0v5.jpg

 photo DSC_0811_zpsj39apkc7.jpg
Tags: brenda, day trip, devon, holiday 2018, national trust

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