Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Dunster Castle

I said I owed you photos - well these are some that I took last week at Dunster Castle when I went there with my friend Christine. It was a really lovely day (and we managed to avoid the rain)

And, yes, they were getting ready to celebrate Halloween ... or is it that Christine has just met a friend
 photo DSC_0804_zpsjwvcu8sv.jpg
Amazing still some flowers around -
 photo DSC_0801_zpsia3eueqw.jpg
What a stunning Pet Cemetery
 photo DSC_0794_zps6hul2pys.jpg

 photo DSC_0786_zpsyan2uqy5.jpg
A great conservatory -
 photo DSC_0781_zpswkospd7w.jpg
These were leather wall hangings, telling the story of Anthony & Cleopatra
 photo DSC_0772_zps0reo5jeg.jpg
A wall plaque done to decorate the bedroom before Prince Charles slept here (not the present one, but the one destined to be King Charles II
 photo DSC_0767_zps5vkqbmsv.jpg

 photo DSC_0760_zps9xj6ezo6.jpg

 photo DSC_0742_zps36qwiaj9.jpg

 photo DSC_0733_zpsccsinckq.jpg

 photo DSC_0731_zpsjnphqxrq.jpg

 photo DSC_0716_zpsucr5dqsw.jpg

 photo DSC_0705_zpspdfeybfp.jpg

 photo DSC_0698_zpsintsuuzg.jpg
This arch is part of the 14th Century walls that still exist
 photo DSC_0697_zps7wzkgsjq.jpg
 photo Stables 3_zpsi2ywmqqe.jpg
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