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Just trying To Keep Going With Some Posts

Thanks to those who took the time to read my rambles - I realise that in missing my closeness to Mum & Dad I had hoped I would re-gain my childhood closeness to my brothers, but it is not to be.

Anyway, enough of that

Yesterday I had a great day out with Christine while she is on half term.  We went to Dunster Castle (photos to come), and managed to avoid the rain showers.  It was a fascinating place, having been lived on since about 1000, and basically having had the same family live there over the last 700 years, until they handed it to the National Trust.

Thought I would share a few random pictures, anyway.  I took this rainbow last month - so great to see the range of colours (even to my colourblind eyes.  This image was taken with me standing on my front door step.
 photo DSC_0684_zpsswfp9qha.jpg

Last week Tim & Claire replaced the flowers at Mum & Dad's grave (we keep a small posy of silk flowers there), and they also cut the grass around it, and tidied things up ... so thought I would share, for those who haven't seen the stones, or the lovely tranquil location that they rest in.  Now you can see why I love going for a walk around the cemetry each week.
 photo DSC_0688_zpswv37ddlt.jpg

 photo DSC_0690_zpslu41o7b8.jpg
And, Jiffy always decides which way we are going to stroll, so I get to see all sorts of graves ... and I spotted the Titanic stone last week
 photo DSC_0687_zpsarcgefds.jpg

And, for those who are not members of  photo_scavenger I thought you might like to see my posts of my last 3 prompts ... roadsign, ornament & old

Roadsign - up the road from me
 photo DSC_0686_zpsyrfv4izl.jpg
Old - my Grandparent's clock ... now in my study
 photo DSC_0808_zpsbkgg6a92.jpg
Ornament - some of my many giraffes
 photo DSC_0807_zpsptben4c5.jpg

Yay - we get an extra hour in bed tonight!!
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