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And so to the second country of my trip ... Austria.  I had been briefly to Salzburg back in 1981, as we were/are all fans of The Sound of Music.  However, weirdly, Mum always was sure we had been to Vienna, and nothing could change her mind ... so, Mum, 37 years later I managed to catch up with you ... 2 days in Vienna.

Over many years I was in a classical orchestra, yet had never been to a concert ... until now.  I went to a Strauss/Mozart concert, which was lovely, and a great chance to dress up for the evening.
 photo DSC_0748_zpsn8kqxigj.jpg
This is part of the Winter Palace
 photo DSC_0556 2_zpsbq5ymscx.jpg

 photo DSC_0707_zps6byiil7h.jpg
Beethoven - my favourute classical composer.  He was sponsored by a Vienniese family for many years
 photo DSC_0689_zpsi6nil9by.jpg
Strauss - apparently women used to faint when he played
 photo DSC_0684_zpsapmf97ik.jpg
St Stephen's
 photo DSC_0664 2_zpsi5kxhfoy.jpg
The roof -
 photo DSC_0682_zpsphvar52d.jpg

 photo DSC_0675_zpsr7wfnukc.jpg

 photo DSC_0673_zpsv5xjx60x.jpg

 photo DSC_0669 2_zpsfz8kfsko.jpg

 photo DSC_0667 2_zpsqlgjkqls.jpg
A 1960's developement - no wall/floor is level.  It's meant to keep your body awake
 photo DSC_0650_zpsx2gtxlpl.jpg
 photo DSC_0639 2_zpsgsjnvgb6.jpg

 photo DSC_0608 2_zpswobcyvvm.jpg
A Lippizaner walking from his stables to his rehearsal
 photo DSC_0578 2_zps9guamdzi.jpg
A Lippizaner in his stable
 photo DSC_0575 2_zpslznra39s.jpg
A swimming pool (and tennis court) on the river!
 photo DSC_0543 2_zps3bym7yg2.jpg

Day 2, we went to the Schönbrunn Summer Palace. The Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire lived here ... well until 1918, when the 2 countries became republics. My parents actually knew someone who was born here, not long before that date, as his mother was Companion to the Empress.
 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 1_zpsrmdbhzdl.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 142_zpsa8kzlijl.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 139_zpsmito6bwb.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 135_zpscuiwj2j7.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 124_zpskueqfa4f.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 100_zpsbiwui5ay.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 92_zpsbuqmuosb.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 78_zpsepsrcfhn.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 56_zpsaqn8idsm.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 53_zpssq3tokcl.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 50_zpsvjmedobc.jpg

 photo Schoumlnbrunn Palace 48_zpsxkbdbdvv.jpg
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