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Honest - I Am Alive

I know, the days have literally disappeared ... I have hated not being abole to get to LJ, but there again, if I hadn't let something go, everything would have gone!!

Over the last 6 weeks I have been working more hours than normal. Up till then in 2018 I had only been doing 3 mornings a week. I will admit not great for the bank balance, but it has meant I have been able to relax and heal ... both from the sinus infection that I had over the winter that wouldn't settle, as well as from the last few years. I was able to come off the anti-depressants I had been on, so all in all it was good. I had money from Mum & Dad and in many ways didn't want it to just disappear on normal life, but it was nice that they continued to cushion me.

However a couple of months ago 2 ladies on reception started maternity leave, and one left ... with no cover, so as I know the dept I was asked if I could just help out a couple of times ... which has led to a full day and 2 half days a week. It has been weird to be doing receptionist work, but I have loved it. Next week a new receptionist starts, however the team leader is going to get me extra training, and then I will continue to do the extra days as a clerical assistant. Mum will be spinning in her grave at that. I am very disorganised, find written English grammatically a problem - and can't spell. So all in all not the choice I would have made, yet I am able to continue to work with people I like, on the days I want ... and all as a member of Bank staff, so I can have the time of I want. I am so, so thankful for this. For me it's an answer to prayer ... that I didn't even know I made.

On my days off, as I have posted a bit, I have managed to get away on a day a week with Christine, as she has been on holiday. We joined the National Trust at Easter and have enjoyed seeing the Stately Homes in the area.

Due to the work & the trips my gym has been cut down, although I have still managed to get there most weeks ... in fact I went this afternoon!

Last week, on the Saturday, I also met up with Brenda at one, to celebrate her birthday, so that was fun, as well. However she persuaded me to go up there for Sunday lunch a few days back, to properly celebrate, as Tim & Claire had invited themselves for the weekend as well. So we could all be together - both to hear Nick preach at their Church, and also for the meal ... although it worked out that Dan had to work, so I saw him when I arrived and just as I left. I hadn't wanted to g as I have realised over the last year that it is their attitude that has caused me much of my stress and depression. They love to be the centre of attention ... and, in fact, I really noticed this at Dad's 90th birthday gathering back in 2014, and hated that they did that to Dad. Now that Mum & Dad are no longer here then it is me that has been pushed out of any get-togethers, by myself. However, as it worked out, they wanted to see Andrew's holiday photos from USA, and although they never want to see mine, I was happy to go along with it, as it was a trip to see places that I have been to, or are on my bucket list. It was lovely to see Andrew's photos ... a lot of sight-seeing, although in places like San Francisco, different places than I had been to!!

As an update to the family ...

Jiffy has got tummy problems. He started having diarrhoea about a month ago, and has had 2 weeks of antibiotics with no real help. So over the last few days I have had to collect samples and that is now being sent off to be tested. I just hope and pray they find something, as I worry there could be something more serious going on. Marni has checked him out thoroughly, but we need answers for him. He hasn't lost his appetite and still likes a good sniffy-walk. I feel sorry that my extra shifts have meant he has been alone more. However as he is over 12 now, he does tend to snooze a lot, anyway.

Nick has stared back at work last night, his first shift since before Christmas, due to mental health issues. He is now working for a different care company - this one gives end-of-life care to people in their homes, whereas he had worked in a Dementia Care Home last year. Brenda is now working at a nursery linked to a school, so great to have the work she loves, plus the school holidays.

Andrew continues his work as an accountant of a firm that sells spice, Dan is now doing an apprenticeship at a Travel Agents and Tom starts an apprenticeship as an Accountant next week. Joe takes his GCSEs next year ... so only the one at school now.

Tim & Claire continue in their jobs of many years. Although they are less than a mile away I never see them, although they have invited themselves round for a meal in October ... so that means I will have to clean the house!!

On the 9th I am off on my travels again ... well, unless Jiffy needs treatment. I am going for 10 days to Europe ... Vienna, Prague & Budapest. 3 cities I have always wanted to visit, so I am looking forward to it.

I am managing to do a bit of icon-making, but not much, as I get so, so tired in an evening. I have also tried to keep a jigsaw going, in the hope of a change of focus from time to time. However anything more focussed like knitting has had to be again put on the back burner.

Oh well, hope you weren't bored by the ramble, but wanted people to know I hadn't forgotten you ... just that life was taking over again. Sorry

Wow ... wonder if you managed all that!
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