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Italy 2018 - Day 6, Rome

I have very few memories of my first trip to Rome, back in 1981 (when I was 20) .... I fell down, head over heals, a section of the the Spanish Steps.  I was totally un-injured, despite coming down 15 steps, but logic has since pointed out, that I was probably in a slight state of shock.

There is a family picture of me in the Colloseum, but I don't remember seeing it.  I know we didn't go into the Forum as Mum was not a sight-see-er  (confused about that spelling!!) ... and said that she didn't see why we had to pay to see a load of Roman rubble!  Over the following years, whenever we went anywhere in Europe, including Greece, she would always call any temples etc "Roman Rubble" ... well, sorry Mum, but you know me ... I went ....

Around the Forum -
 photo DSC_0162_zpsiar9aazh.jpg

 photo DSC_0161_zpsxjxmgw9y.jpg

 photo DSC_0154_zpsi3fjjtsm.jpg

 photo DSC_0146_zpsxeqzrmwa.jpg

 photo DSC_0134_zpstd1nm0vn.jpg
Looking down on the Forum
 photo DSC_0109_zps02dkrho0.jpg
Around the Presidio
 photo DSC_0104_zpsotv9vh9g.jpg

The Colloseum
 photo The Colloseum 68_zpsgbm0kzj8.jpg

 photo The Colloseum 44_zps29kxul2i.jpg

 photo The Colloseum 38_zps8tilieht.jpg

 photo The Colloseum 34_zpshdud83ds.jpg
Looking out of the Colloseum, looking at the Arch of Titus
 photo The Colloseum 32_zps2fjee8ml.jpg

 photo The Colloseum 31_zpsoska5yvj.jpg

 photo The Colloseum 23_zpsmi95nkrp.jpg

 photo The Colloseum 13_zpsg9vgox7v.jpg

 photo The Colloseum 12_zpshfgzgv9q.jpg
Arch of Titus
 photo The Colloseum 6_zpsnkjfnqsf.jpg
Some of the group  ... 4 of these ladies sat on the same table as me
 photo The Colloseum 5_zps53yr1gxg.jpg
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