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Italy 2018 - Day 5, Rome b

After we had left the Cistine Chapel we walked across and into St Peter's. I have been to Rome before (more about that in another post) ... but I only have a couple of memories of the city. One is the sheer height of this building, the other is the statue of St Peter that has a damaged foot ... just where people go and kiss it.

Looking towards the Basilica
 photo St Peters 81_zps8h66xhtz.jpg

 photo St Peters 79_zps7lvewkpn.jpg

 photo St Peters 77_zpsvvh8wsxy.jpg

 photo St Peters 72_zpsaxsp4mx5.jpg

 photo St Peters 10_zps8dyb3lzt.jpg
The Swiss Guard - the private "police" of the Pope
 photo St Peters 68_zpsutgoesqi.jpg

 photo St Peters 67_zpsbtzfnyvo.jpg

 photo St Peters 66_zps5k8urqfo.jpg

 photo St Peters 57_zpshohwxd7h.jpg

 photo St Peters 53_zpsfzcxypcb.jpg

 photo St Peters 49_zpsji8elhjm.jpg
The Popes ... and please note as it is their dates of death listed, there are 2 alive today
 photo St Peters 47_zpsoo7zwnu8.jpg

 photo St Peters 46_zpssg9zigy6.jpg
In AD 64 a Jew, named Peter, was crucified upsidedown and buried in this place.  As Jesus had promised, when He had changed Simon's name to Peter, that He would build his Church on the "Rock" of Peter's faith, this is why St Peter's is built here ... and all but for 100 years, the Popes have had this area as their focus.
 photo St Peters 39_zpsbvxicgnt.jpg

 photo St Peters 45_zpseojcwiww.jpg

 photo St Peters 27_zpspyhjjrs9.jpg

 photo St Peters 44_zpsvcwuy9zw.jpg
The statue I mentioned
 photo St Peters 29_zpsywapqyoq.jpg

 photo St Peters 24_zpsonz2jptn.jpg

 photo St Peters 23_zpspg2kzjwa.jpg

 photo St Peters 21_zpsggwldsko.jpg
Michaelangelo's famous statue - Mary cradelling the dead Lord
 photo St Peters 17_zpsva0nvemd.jpg
I love these rays of sunlight
 photo St Peters 16_zps5maqxfub.jpg

 photo St Peters 14_zpseuu3g34k.jpg

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