Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

20 Dr Quinn Icons

Oooops - well, I think it is still possibly the 20th (just) somewhere in the world!! Actually I did ask if it was OK, as the week has yet again got away from me. However this set is for round 107 of character20n20 and I chose Dr Quinn, from the series of the same name. I like the storyline, as it is good to remind us (and especially me working in a modern hospital) that medicine has had to evolve to get where we are today.

Here are my 3 teasers
       photo Upsidedown_zps7r7g1kr5.jpg  photo AC 3_zps0u3qmsna.jpg    photo AC 5_zpsy3cnc9ft.jpg


Casual Outfit Friends One Word Pink Primary Colors
 photo Casual Outfit_zpsb7fteymv.jpg  photo Friends_zpsnrjcykkl.jpg  photo One word_zpsywoqoqoa.jpg  photo Pink_zpsvugufvtd.jpg  photo Primary colours_zpst1azwfzi.jpg
Relaxed Sad Upside Down Your Mood Weather
 photo Relaxed_zps8cdisjzo.jpg  photo Sad_zpsdmhmt0zw.jpg  photo Upsidedown_zps7r7g1kr5.jpg  photo Your Mood_zpsijsit7ej.jpg  photo Weather_zpsj8hv4ucn.jpg


sight taste smell hearing touch
 photo Cat - see_zpsx7jtzeuh.jpg  photo Cat - taste_zpsirkspnv1.jpg  photo Cat - Smell_zpsjdaxxkom.jpg  photo Cat - hearing_zpsadejs943.jpg  photo Cat - Touch_zpsictwbvfr.jpg


artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5
 photo AC 1_zpsdndaixeo.jpg  photo AC 4_zpsrzgu66no.jpg  photo AC 3_zps0u3qmsna.jpg  photo AC 2_zpso7sjakyy.jpg  photo AC 5_zpsy3cnc9ft.jpg

As ever, all the credits can be found in my icon journal over at d4s_icons ... all can be snagged if you want
Tags: competition, dr quinn, icons

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